How to Make Real Connections, Save Real Money, and Explore the Real World


Air, Rail, Sea, & Street Cred

We got our start on the road many years ago, inspired by the stories and courage of folks who had already gone their own way ahead. 

Across each continent and all the oceans since, our journey has created classic traveller contentment, from road trips and van life to fast ferries and child-free births below deck. Camping, glamping, and surfing sofas. Motels, hotels, Airbnbs and hostile mixed dorms. 

We backpack, carry-on, and keep calm for the most part. Sometimes we check baggage – depending on our mood or weather. Our latest photos include several of the same outfits from trips 10 years ago. We have learned to travel light and separate darks. We recently sparked a lot of joy sorting our more personal possessions. 

We ride trains, planes, and buy used cars. We happily take the bus. We’ve signed leases, sublet, and have enjoyed a host family welcome. We’ve travelled on a variety of visas and a fee-free Mastercard. We’re digital, analog, and routinely nomadic. We do great on a budget.

The Ballad of George & Michelle

We’ve been immigrants, expats, and tourists. We eloped overseas and had the best day. We work, we holiday, we’ve combined the two. We freelance, we volunteer. We’ve studied abroad. We’re a curious bunch who are always learning.

Our style is to keep an open mind and keep in touch. We write letters, leave long voicemails, and make sure to visit our friends and family. We love where we grew up – Wiltshire and West Virginia are weird, wild, and wonderful. We don’t own a structure, a pet, or any kids, but we do own a few succulents and piece of land (including weeds, trees, and property tax.) 

We celebrate quirky anniversaries, personal milestones, and niche travel themes. We’ve been on the road together for thousands of days in a row now. We’re pretty normal as far as travellers go. The way we fit the pieces makes it all our own. 

Home Sweet Home on the Road

For the last 5 years, we’ve been on an amazing adventure as professional house and pet sitters, meeting wonderful people, and living life much more like a local than any meme could offer. A major feature in how we create our life of late, our housesitting service helps us save money to support our dreams, and it’s a real pleasure to help homeowners enjoy their own travels worry-free. 

Sitting full-time in 10 countries so far, from cozy stays in the Cotswolds and a French country estate, to the buzz of city lights from Rio to Down Under, and across all the memorable spots in between, the friends and homes we make around the world seem limitless. 

When we’re back in our Londontown base for work, we continue to book sits all over her majesty’s tube map, and find the warmest furry faces to keep us company. It’s a great way to explore life in such a dynamic city, which we would otherwise simply find unaffordable. 

The people, places, and pets we get to know through this community definitely make all the difference, and this lifestyle we’ve chosen to travel together rewards us with brilliant memories to last a lifetime. It’s truly been something special.