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We get attached to the adorable pets and wonderful places we get to sit, but the whole experience is made possible by the thoughtfulness and trust of our homeowners. We could never thank them enough.

Our Real Thanks For An Incredible Experience

As sitters, we’re constantly blown away by the generosity and warmth of the home and pet owners who take part in the housesitting community. We admire how considerate they are, not only of our interests, but the needs and comfort of their own pets when planning time away. 

A far better alternative than a kennel and a house left empty, we’re delighted that housesitting provides a sensible and caring option to everyone’s benefit. It’s a real pleasure to share the freedom to travel with our homeowners, packaged with the assurance that all is well loved and looked after on the homefront.

The homeowners we’ve personally met through this exchange have given us a magical chance to feel at home in beautiful parts of the world. We get inspired by their own life’s stories and often share some insatiable travel habits. 

We’re fortunate to have made some excellent friends from this exchange, not only with our homeowners, but often times with their remarkably kind friends and neighbors as well. Catching up for tea, a bite, and even non-sit related stays is a real treat, where we revel in the traveller’s favorite pastime of easy chats that fly by for hours, no matter the amount of time that’s passed between the last.

How We Can Be There For You

We continue to adapt our housesitting services and expertise to the individual needs of our homeowners. As sitters, we’re warm, reliable, and well-reviewed, with over six years of stays from around the world looking after a wide variety of much loved pets, homes, and gardens.

We can be your Real Housesitters:

If you’ve never had housesitters before, we’re excited to be your introduction to this service, as we have been for many satisfied homeowners in the past. If you’re looking to build a relationship with regular sitters, or would like to reserve experienced sitters the next time you’re away, we’d be thrilled to work out an arrangement you can count on.

We can help you through the whole housesitting experience:

If we’re already committed elsewhere (we absolutely NEVER cancel a sit to take another), we can provide professional care in helping you find other great sitters who will be a fantastic fit. The Real Housesitters know some real gems! 

If you find the whole housesitting process a bit daunting or are feeling overwhelmed in selecting a suitable sitter, we welcome you to rely on our years of experience and invite you to have a friendly conversation about how we can successfully sort your next sit.

Highlights from our Housesitting Résumé.

This is just a small sample of the capable and caring standards we provide as housesitters. 

5-Star Abilities:

  • Dogs & Cats of All Ages
  • Fish, Birds, Reptiles, Bunnies (most critters) 
  • Horses (stabled, pastured, grooming, riding)
  • Cows, Chickens, Pigs, Goats (livestock in general)
  • Administering Pet Medication / Pet Emergency Aware
  • Garden & Lawn Care
  • Tractors, Quads (small motorized vehicles) 
  • Automobile Service / Maintenance 
  • Postal Receipt / Forwarding
  • Handyman Job Capable
  • Home Repair Coordination / Supervision
  • Liaison for Cleaner / Gardener / Home Staff 
  • Airbnb / Guest Welcome, Check-in & Departure
  • Recycling / Rubbish Schedule 

5-Star Care:

  • Warm, Calm, Kind
  • Reliable Communication 
  • Keep Our Commitments
  • Flexible, Intuitive, Common Sense Approach to Problem Solving
  • Considerate to Neighbors / Conscientious of Environment
  • Tidy, Clean, Respectful of Property 
  • Non-Smokers, Quiet
  • Clean Driving License, Travel Light
  • People & Pet Enthusiasts!

Our Rates

We offer a range of options for pricing and exchanges to suit all your housesitting needs. Our short-term rates for stays less than a week start from $30/night and can vary from there depending on circumstances (location, distance, duties, accessibility, notice, etc.).

We’re very happy to offer special rates for multi-week sits, and for stays of a month or more, we’re delighted to work out an exchange to benefit everyone. 

Our Availability

We’re always happy to receive interest as sitters from anywhere. At present, we’re based in London, UK, and are booked until the first week of January 2020. We love to fill our calendar with amazing sits as soon as possible, and we welcome you to get in touch today to confirm our availability. 

We have genuine enthusiasm to learn all the specifics of your home’s particular needs, and if you’d think we’d be a good fit for your family, we’ll look forward to discussing all those details with you soon!

Find a Real Sitter. Make the Right Choice.

It’s about trust

The most common complaint we hear from homeowners concerning the whole housesitting process is that the search for sitters is exhausting. It certainly can come with a heap of trepidation. 

It’s not easy trusting your home and cherished pets to strangers from the internet. It can be overwhelming when those strangers absolutely inundate you with applications from all over the world, ready to step into your house and make themselves at home while you’re away. 

Communication and attention to detail are key

We absolutely hear you. The good news is there are phenomenal sitters out there. Rest assured, they will care for your home and pets brilliantly and exceed your expectations. You just have to find the right fit.

We’ve sat at many a kitchen table, and through as many video chats as it takes, to make sure everyone’s comfortable before committing to a sit. We know what’s expected in this exchange, we know the right questions to ask from both sides of this partnership, and there’s not much that can surprise us.

You have our support

If you can see the value and benefits of housesitting for your family, but you’re feeling just a little unsure about the right step to take with your next housesitting search, we’re proud to offer our personal guidance and professional consultation to make sure you have an outstanding experience. 

We can help you tackle how-to: 

  • Create the right listing for your needs
  • Attract the most appropriate sitter
  • Read between the lines of a sitter’s profile and spot red flags
  • Assess and select the best applications to consider
  • Organize and be prepared for the interview
  • Follow-up with references 
  • Discuss insurance, deposits, rates, or exchanges
  • Communicate expectations of what you require
  • Prepare your pets for new carers
  • Develop effective household notes
  • Plan for emergencies and backup contingencies
  • Welcome new sitters and be aware of their needs
  • Confirm a sit and plan for your travels
  • Have a smooth handover
  • Give and receive stellar reviews and feedback
  • Cultivate reliable relationships with repeat sitters

Our Rates

These are just some of the many aspects involved in the dynamic search for real, quality, housesitters. We are available for personal consultations on how to navigate the process from start to finish, with excellent value sessions starting at $25/hr. (We can even manage the entire search for you at a fantastic flat rate!) 

We welcome you to get in touch today for a free and open chat about how we can sort the best solution for your next sit.