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The question on everybody’s mind is... how does it work?

What exactly is Housesitting?

Housesitting is a service offered by real and reliable sitters who will provide on-site and over-night professional loving care to an otherwise empty property and pets left behind while the homeowner takes time away.  

This arrangement can vary widely depending on the individual needs of the sitters and homeowners in each sit. Sitters can agree to handle a range of responsibilities including pet and garden care, home maintenance and security, and household admin. 

Housesitting can be part of a paid service or a mutually beneficial exchange appropriate to each sit’s requirements. A great sit will deliver a capable and trusted presence for a homeowner’s property to ensure everything is kept on its regular routine, while everyone enjoys a welcome opportunity to travel.

There are two equally important partners in this exchange -

Housesitters and Homeowners

We want to help both.

We get a lot of joy out of being an ambassador, a coach, and a reliable resource for the housesitting and traveller community. 

We’ve been fortunate to build solid friendships and a strong foundation with some fantastic homeowners and fellow sitters over the years, and understand what it takes to make a great experience. 

It’s our pleasure to help anyone from all sides of this service feel comfortable and get engaged with the wide variety of benefits housesitting has to offer. 

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